2015 Sydney Royal Rat and Mouse Show

The Australian Rodent Fanciers Society of NSW Inc will again be hosting the rat and mouse show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for 2015. This will be the 12th Sydney Royal Rat and Mouse Show, with the very first hosted in 2004.

The Sydney Royal Rat and Mouse Show is a great opportunity for exhibitors to spread the word about how wonderful rats and mice are as pets. Many members of the public come through the Sydney Royal Easter Show, so there is plenty of opportunity to talk rat and mouse with others and answer their questions.

Rat and mouse owners from all walks of life are invited to participate in the Sydney Royal Rat and Mouse Show. We welcome breeders, pet owners and members from other clubs.

Basic Information

  • Date of Show: Monday, 30 March, 2015
  • Closing Date for Entries: Friday, 6 March, 2015
  • Entry Fee: $2.50 per entry per class ($50 cap applies)
  • Parking Fee: $25 per car – parking must be prepaid
  • Entry Forms are to be sent to:
    RES Rat and Mouse Show,
    16A Teralba Street,
    Lisarow, NSW, 2250
  • Download Entry Form (PDF)

Entries are to be paid via cheque or money order. Cheques/money orders are to be addressed to ‘Australian Rodent Fanciers Society of NSW Inc.’

Entry into the Sydney Royal Easter Show is free for exhibitors with entries in the Rat and Mouse Show.

If you have any questions, please visit our Facebook Page or email us at info@ausrfsnsw.com.

Please ensure you have read the following documents to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations, as well as information regarding the show.

  • RAS General Regulations
  • 2015 RES Rat & Mouse Schedule
  • The Australian Rodent Fanciers Society of New South Wales Inc. Rat and Mouse Standards and Guidelines (linked in the sidebar)
  • General Show Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of the Australian Rodent Fanciers Society of NSW Inc to show my animals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

No you do not. Anyone and everyone is welcome to exhibit their animals at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

There are still rules in place for the event, please see the 2015 RES Rat & Mouse General Show Rules link on the www.ausrfsnsw.com website for details.

I am a member of another rodent club, can I still exhibit my rodents at the Royal?

Of course you can! We welcome all participants at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, as well as our usual shows held bi-monthly in Ermington.

Where and when is the show being held?

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is held at the Sydney Olympic Park. The Rat and Mouse show will be on Monday the 14th of April and is held in the Wynne Pavilion.

Pre-Paid Parking Passes for the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015

The $25 Parking Passes are for those who wish to park their car at the show during the day. You will need one pass per car which will allow you to get into one of the car parks (the closest is P1).

Entry to the ground by vehicle will be via a benchslip through Gate 10 only.
Your benchslip will permit one person and vehicle to enter the site for the purposes of delivering exhibits during the specified delivery times only. It does not permit parking on site.

The vehicle must be removed from site immediately after the exhibit is delivered.
The driver will need a one-day entry pass to re-enter the site on foot via the designated pedestrian entries.

Vehicles or passengers without a one-day entry pass will be denied entry and directed to contact the Domestic Animals Coordinator.

Vehicles that remain onsite illegally will be infringed.

Why do my animals need to be vet checked?

It is a rule set in place by the Royal Agricultural Society who hold the Sydney Royal that ALL animals are to be vet checked by RAS provided Vets before entering the show hall.

Vets will look for any signs of pregnancy, parasites, injuries illness in rats and mice, such as respiratory infections, wounds, etc.

Any rat or mouse that does not pass vet checking will be quarantined in the vetting room and not permitted to enter the show hall.

What time does vet checking start?

You are required to arrive at the Wynne Pavilion for veterinary checking no later than 7.00am

Vet checking ceases at 8am sharp, any rats or mice who miss this deadline will not be permitted into the show hall. Please bring extra tubs in case some of your animals are quarantined.

After vet checking, all rodents are to be taken to benches immediately.

When will I receive my Exhibitor Entry Pass?

After the entries close, your Exhibitor Entry Pass will be express posted to you.

Your Exhibitor Entry Pass allows you to get through the gates at the Royal Easter Show to drop off your rodents close to the Wynne Pavilion.

You will be prompted to show your Exhibitor Entry Pass to security guards to gain entry to the drop off/ pickup area near the Wynne Pavilion where the show is being held.

After you have dropped your gear and rodents off at the pavilion you are then to drive your car over to one of the car parking areas.

Do I have to pay an entry fee for myself to exhibit rodents at the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

If you are showing rodents on the day, you do not have to pay for entry to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for yourself, you get free entry.

You are only required to pay for your show entries and a parking pass, if you require one.

If you are a member of the public just wishing to view the rats and mice and not participate in the show, you will be required to pay the entry fee set by the Sydney Royal Easter Show upon arrival at any of the entry gates.

I read that there is a cap of $50 for the Sydney Royal, does this mean I have to pay $50 plus $2.50 for each of my entries?

No it does not. The cap is an entry limit, if you enter $75 worth of entries at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, you only pay for $50 worth of entries and the remaining $25 worth are free. So you can enter over $100 worth of entries, but you would only pay $50.

The same applies to the shows the AusRFS NSW Inc holds at Ermington, members have a cap of $20 and non-members have a cap of $30, you are still welcome to enter more than $20/$30 worth of entries, but this is the maximum amount you will pay to enter your rodents at the shows.

I have a few rodents entered in the show, but I also wanted to bring a few extras along for the day. Can I do that?

Yes you can, however you need to make sure that all animals that will be accompanying you on the day are listed on your entry form.

On the entry form under ‘Class Name’ write ‘Companion’ for any animal you are bringing for the day who is not entered into the formal show.

Companion animals do not cost anything to enter.

Do I have to enter rodents into the show to get free entry, or can I just come along with companion animals to exhibit for the day?

You must enter at least one rodent into the show to be an exhibitor.

That is, you must enter one rat or mouse to be judged on the day.

People with no show entries, just companion animals, will not be permitted to exhibit on the day.

Do I have to have a display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

You don’t have to have a display however we do encourage you to put together a display that is fun, educational, entertaining, etc.

Your display may be promoting your rodentry or just be a collection of fun rodent facts.

There is an award at the end of the day for best display.

Will I need to bring my lunch?

It is advisable to bring your lunch as food at the Easter Show can be expensive!

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water for yourself and your rodents, especially if it is forecast to be a warm day.

Can I let members of the public hold my rodents?

Strictly no.

Members of the public are allowed to pat rodents on the day whilst being held securely in their owner’s hands.

Any exhibitor allowing members of the public to hold their rodents will have strict actions taken against them.

Do I have to groom my rodents before show?

If they are dirty, yes.

Rats and mice should have trimmed nails, clean tails and be clean in general. Bucks should be degreased, coat should be glossy and clear of debris and built up dirt, this is easily done by bathing your rodents before show.

Any enclosures or accessories you bring along for the day must also be clean, dirty enclosures will not be allowed to be taken into the show hall.

If you need advice on cleaning and grooming rats for show, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the AusRFS NSW Inc or contact the AusRFS NSW Inc with any queries you may have.

How old must rats and mice be to show?

Rats aged 6 weeks – 10 weeks of age are to be exhibited in Kitten Class (maximum of two entries per person), any rat over 10 weeks of age is to be entered into its appropriate marking or colour class.

Mice must be at least 10 weeks old to be shown, there is no kitten class for mice.

What is the difference between senior and junior pet rat and mouse?

The difference between classes is not the age of the rodent, it is the age of the owner exhibiting the rodent.

People aged 15 and under who wish to enter their rat or mouse in pet class would enter them in junior pet rat or mouse.

Anyone aged over 15 is to enter their pet rats and mice into the senior pet categories.

There is a maximum limit of two entries per person for pet classes.

I am 15 years of age or younger, does that mean I have to enter Junior class for every category, or just the Pet Class?

Junior and Senior are only applied to the pet class. People aged 15 or under are welcome to enter their rats and mice in all the other colour and marking classes, as well as conformation classes and kitten class for rats. The AusRFS NSW Inc has provided a junior pet class for exhibitors aged 15 and under to give them a fairer chance at receiving an award, if all pets were placed in one class, children who have entered just a few pet animals on the day may not receive an award in comparison to the adults who breed rodents and select for calm and social temperament.

I have an agouti hooded rat, can I show it in the hooded class and the agouti class?

No, colour classes (ticked and non-ticked) are for self rats only (rats who are entirely one colour).

Any rat that is marked is entered into its appropriate marking class (see the Rat Standards on the AusRFS NSW website), in this case, hooded.

Can I enter my Berkshire marked rat in the Berkshire Class and in Conformation Class?

No you cannot. Conformation Class is for rodents who are under marked, that is, if your Berkshire does not have a full white stomach (or close to), and instead has a few white patches it would go into the Conformation Class. Conformation Class is also for rodents who are unstandardised colours, markings and coat types (e.g. chocolate rats). There is a maximum number of two entries per person in conformation class.

I have a mouse entered in Standard Self, can I also enter it into the Senior Pet Mouse category?

Yes you can! Any mouse or rat can be exhibited in the pet classes even if they are entered in another class.

Do remember there is a maximum limit of two entries per person for pet classes.

 What Rat Coat types and colours are not standardised by the AusRFS NSW Inc? Can I still show these varieties in similar looking colour classes?

No. If your rats colour or coat ir not standardised by the AusRFS NSW Inc then you are not permitted to enter it in any class other than conformation and pet classes. If you have a ruby eyed chocolate you cannot enter it in the Buff colour class, if you have a pink eyed chocolate you cannot enter it in the Champagne colour class, etc.

The current coat types for rats not standardised by the AusRFS NSW Inc include silk, patchwork, powderpuff, velour and hairless. The rat colours currently not standardised by the AusRFS NSW Inc are chocolate and any chocolate dilutes (ruby eyed chocolate, for example), blue dilutes other than blue, silver and opal, apricot, and mink champagne.

How many rats and/or mice am I allowed to enter at the show? 

As many as you like, the more the merrier!

As we wish to keep the show running on schedule, please do not enter whole litters of rodents which are extremely similar ie 15 pink eyed white rats!

There are a few classes we have that do have limits on number of entries, and they are conformation (rats and mice), junior and senior pet (rats and mice and rat kitten).

Exhibitors are only permitted to have a maximum number of two rodents per class for each of these classes.

My rats/mouses variety is not listed in the AusRFS NSW standards. Can I still show it?

You can show your unstandardised rodent in the conformation class and pet class only.

Any rat or mouse varieties not standardised by the AusRFS NSW Inc are not permitted in the show classes, even if they appear similar to another variety.

E.g. mink champagne rats cannot be entered into the PEW class even if they are very light and are a near match to a PEW.

Am I allowed to show wild rodents?

Definitely not!

Only domesticated fancy rats and mice are allowed to be exhibited at shows.

One of the key components of the judges scorecard is temperament, any rodent that is difficult to handle or aggressive will have points severely deducted.

We do not promote the taming and keeping of wild rodents, we promote the keeping of domesticated rodents.

Am I able to hand out business cards or small brochures with my contact details on them if someone asks me?

Yes, please do bring some small brochures or business cards along however please only hand these out if someone asks you for your details.

Do not hand out information or promotional items to anyone who is not interested as this is disallowed by the RAS.

How does the show actually run?

On the day of the show, after you exit vet checking and enter the hall, you will find an envelope with your name on it on one of the benches alongside a copy of the day’s entries.

Set your rodents and display up on this bench, feel free to use the cat cages behind you as storage or to hang posters and any show awards that you receive on the day.

In the envelope you will find tickets with numbers and classes on them, refer to the entry booklet on the bench to see which numbers match your rodent entries.

Please do not write on your tickets!

Your rodents are assigned numbers for each of the classes they are entered so the rodent is anonymous to the judges, that is, the rodent is the one being judged, not the owner.

This makes judging a much fairer system.

The head steward will announce the opening of the show and throughout the day will announce which categories are going up next for judging, pay attention to the announcements so you don’t miss your call!

At the end of your row there will be show tanks ready to go with litter in the bottom of them.

When you are not using the show tubs, please return them as we only have a limited number to go round.

If you have trouble finding a tub when you need one, ask exhibitors around you if they have an empty one or ask a steward for assistance.

Only collect how many you will need, if you have three rodents in the same class grab three show tanks as rodents do not go up by number, the entire category is called up at one time.

E.g. if you had a standard ticked mouse and it’s number was 125, your number is not called, instead the head steward will make an announcement for all standard ticked mice to be taken to the stewards tables to then be taken to the judges table for marking.

When your rodents class has been called, place your rodent into the appropriate sized show tank (rats go in the larger tank, mice in the smaller ones), close the lid and place the number in the lid (you may want to bring a roll of tape along to tape your number to the lid, as sometimes the rodents pull the tickets into the tub and chew them up).

You then take your rodent to the stewards table at the end of your row, the steward will mark off that your entry has arrived for judging, and when the judges are ready the steward takes the rodents to the respective judges and they are marked.

When rodents are finished being judged, the steward will bring them back to the stewards table, please keep an eye out for your returns!

It’s a good idea to bring a highlighter on the day to make your entries stand out in your entry booklet, and a pen to mark off which ones have gone up to be judged and have finished showing for the day.

Awards will be announced throughout the day for the classes.

All major awards are announced at the very end of the show.

 How do I fill out the online Rat/ Mouse Entry Form for the shows held at Ermington?

Under each category you wish to place your rodent in, type their name in and be sure to separate multiple entries in one category with a comma. Also ensure that you credit the breeder you purchased your rodents from by placing the name of their rodentry in front of the names you chose for your rodents. For example, if I purchased a hooded rat from Mushroom Rodentry and named it Bob, and I purchased another hooded rat from ICED Rodentry and named it Fluffy, when I go to enter both Fluffy and Bob into the Hooded class for rats, I would enter them as follows:


Mushroom Bob, ICED Fluffy

Note that I did not enter them as ‘Mushroom Rodentry Bob’ and ‘ICED Rodentry Fluffy’, that is because there is no need to type in ‘rodentry’, ‘rattery’ or ‘mousery’ when submitting entries online. Also do NOT use prefixes! Mushroom Rodentries prefix is ‘MSR’, you would NOT enter Bob as MSR Bob.

 Do I have to fill out an entry form per rodent, or do I enter all of my rodent entries on one form?

Place all of your rat entries on one form and all of your mouse entries on another. Separate multiple entries into one category using a comma. When you’re done, click submit.

Can I only enter two rats between Pet Class and Conformation Class, or can I enter two rodents in each of the classes?

You can enter two rodents per class for pet classes, conformation classes and kitten class. For example, if you had two rats who were poorly marked they would go into the conformation rat class, but you could also enter the two of them in the pet rat class

If you have any further questions about showing or judging, feel free to contact the AusRFS NSW Inc.

Last show for 2014! Saturday, 29th November

Well guys, its only just over two weeks to our next show, which will be our last show of 2014! Can you believe it?! That means its time for me to start hassling you about getting your entries in!

Entries are to be submitted to:

Rats: http://ausrfsnsw.com/rat-show-entries/
Mice: http://ausrfsnsw.com/mouse-show-entries/

Entries are $1.50 for members and $2.50 for non-members, cap is at $20 and $30 respectively. Membership can be purchased on the day. Entries close Wednesday 26 November.

Its also time to start thinking about a Christmas theme since we will be just under a month away from Christmas Day. We could decorate our tables and have some novelty classes to suit the theme. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe we could try and theme our raffle prizes and shared lunch for Christmas as well!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Next show and AGM

Hi all,

Our 2014 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for our next show date, which is October 11th. If anyone has any questions or concerns, or would like to raise a talking point to be addressed on this day, please email us at info@ausrfsnsw.com. We’ll be re-electing the Committee at this time also. You can nominate yourself or someone else on the day, but have a think beforehand about whether if you’d like to contribute to the club.

The regular rat and mouse show will also be held this day, check out the Shows page for more info on showing and entering your animals.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the AGM or the October show.

Katy Jenkins
Public Officer
Australian Rodent Fanciers’ Society of New South Wales