Committee & Meetings

2017 Committee Members

The current members of the Australian Rodent Fanciers’ Society of NSW Committee are listed below. Please feel free to chat to any of them if you have any questions, or can offer some help yourself. We’re always looking for enthusiasm and assistance! The usual point of contact for official matters is the Public Officer – please see the Contact Us page for more info.

President: Elyce Reed
Vice President: Sandra McLean
Secretary: Jodi Brock
Treasurer: Catherine Naismith
Public Officer: Katy Jenkins
General Committee Members: Bella Burden, Linda Wilson, Sarah-Joy Cooney, Jennifer Maxwell, Kath Dalton

Meeting Minutes

The Committee gathers at most shows to discuss official matters, and are required to post the minutes from these meetings for public perusal. If you have any questions about a meeting and the minutes are not yet posted here, please feel free to contact the Public Officer.